Derma Peptide Multi-Effect Ampoule Pad 70 counts

Introducing a multi-effect skin care ampoule pad that not only creates a hydrating barrier to optimize your skin’s oil and moisture balance but also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. This all-in-one ampoule pad is the perfect choice for those looking to enhance skin elasticity, address pore concerns, and experience soothing, moisturizing effects, all in one product.



Derma Centric is a professional cosmetic brand for dermatology and plastic surgery hospitals, committed to quality and premium material. Its focus is to cater to sensitive skin through selection of safe ingredients, cutting-edge biotechnology, and formulations backed by proven technologies. Derma Centric products are created using nanomechanical technology for deep skin penetration, and its Hydro Crystal Complex System strengthens and moisturizes the skin barrier.

How to use Multi-Effect Ampoule Pad:



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