Brucke Calming Mist

A.C.C. Calming Mist is a soothing mist that instantly cools down and moisturizes the skin. It is recommended for individuals who experience skin complexion such as dryness or redness due to exposure to sunlight, environmental stressors, allergens, and more.



Advanced Cooling Composition (A.C.C.) is a patented eco-friendly cosmetic product in South Korea that is composed of four herbal ingredients that keeps the skin cells at the optimal temperature of 31°C. It has been discovered that just by cooling down the skin cells to their ideal temperature, many skin conditions can be reversed, such as acne, irritation, atopic dermatitis, eczema, and more.

Brucke A.C.C. is manufactured by EWG (Environment Working Group) verified facilities, which means only the highest and the best quality ingredients are used. Four key ingredients in Advanced Cooling Composition (A.C.C.) are FDA registered and works by lowering the skin temperature to 31°C with anti-inflammatory effect:



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