Bodyboost Collagen Plus

Collagen is a complex protein with benefits of supporting the health of skin and hair, joint health, intestinal health, liver and cardiovascular health. Age and lifestyle factors contribute to depletion of collagen levels, and this product is recommended for individuals who wish to increase their collagen production.



Collagen is a complex structural protein that is found in connective tissues throughout the body especially within joints, skin, hair, nails and digestive lines. Collagen production naturally slows down with age, and lifestyle factors such as diet high in sugar, smoking, exposure to high amounts of sun. Additionally, physical and emotional stress can also deplete collagen levels, therefore it is important to replenish with supplements. Bodyboost® Collagen Plus is formulated with a combination of carefully selected vitamins, manganese, zinc and 100 mg collagen.

The bodyboost® double chamber design uses the Two Chamber System™ which allows you to freshly mix the supplements creating enzymes at peak potency. The body absorbs vitamins and minerals in liquid form much faster than pills or tablets. It also absorbs much more of the ingredients while preserving the shelf-life of dry vitamins.



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