Bodyboost B12 + B-Complex

Bodyboost® B12 + B Complex provides essential B vitamins supporting the body‘s metabolism, as well as normal function of the immune and nervous systems. Two Chamber System, a twist-and-mix vial allows you to consume the supplements fresh at peak potency. It is recommended for individuals who wish to increase their intakes of vitamin B complex for the maintenance of healthy mental and energy function.



Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy mental function and is integral to the energy production process. It also plays a vital role in the formation of blood cells, nerve sheaths, and proteins. Vitamin B deficiency can lead to a range of neurologic and psychiatric disruptions because insufficient B vitamins can hinder the development of blood cells, nerve tissues, neurotransmitter functions, and neurological processes.

The bodyboost® double chamber design uses the Two Chamber System™ which allows you to freshly mix the supplements creating enzymes at peak potency. The body absorbs vitamins and minerals in liquid form much faster than pills or tablets. It also absorbs much more of the ingredients while preserving the shelf-life of dry vitamins.



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