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CU Calming Intensive Serum 30 ml

Calming Intensive Serum helps meet and maintain optimum skin balance by removing keratin, normalizing pH balance of sensitive skin, soothes troubled skin, and protects skin from irritants.

CU Purifying Foam Cleanser 150 ml

AV Free Purifying Foam Cleanser minimizes skin irritation, adjusts moisture, and controls excessive sebum production, keeping the skin purified and healthy. For oily skin with excessive sebum.

CU Purifying Serum 30 ml

AV Free Purifying Serum has outstanding sebum controlling effect and adjusts moisture and oil level effectively. For oily and acne prone skin.

CU Purifying Toner 180 ml

AV Free Purifying Toner for oily, acne-prone skin with frequent troubles. It soothes the skin and maintains optimal skin balance by adjusting moisture and oil level.

CU Spot Control Cream 10 ml

Care solution for pimples and acnes by killing the acne-causing bacteria and reducing the inflammation at the entrance to the hair follicle. It is recommended for acne skin.